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Early in my career I realized that I was most interested in understanding how we heal.  In the Spring of 2003, I was an intern and about to complete my graduate degree in Counseling Psychology.  I chose to work with an organization serving people with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and their family members.  Surrounded by deep life challenges, grief and astounding commitments to life and love, I saw a bigger picture.  It was here, as I was a part of individual counseling, group support, art therapy, creative visualization, labyrinths, meditation, energy healing, nutritional therapy and restorative movement, that I was inspired.  I saw the amazing capacity within each of us to find balance, wholeness, peace and some kind of healing no matter what the circumstance.  I’ve come to believe deeply in our innate ability to heal, to connect to wholeness and knowing.  No matter how broken or lost we feel, we are all designed to heal.

I didn’t set out to be a therapist, but sometimes life finds us.  In my 20 years working in health and wellness I have been steered back to this sacred work many times and now I cannot imagine doing anything else.  It is my great privilege and honor to journey with clients to a lighter and clearer place.  I am a guide and companion and dedicate much of my work to the evolving consciousness, awakening the heart, embracing knowing and our energetic gifts, thriving as a sensitive person, and discovering one’s right life and living it fully.


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